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Seen by Lee on Friday February 17th at 6:49 AM[Edit]
[A mildly dull article about Charlie Chaplin's birth certificate ends]

Ironically Chaplin is believed to have been born four days before Adolf Hitler, whom he parodied in the 1940 film The Great Dictator.
Another Alanis fan at BBC News.

Seen by Lee on Wednesday July 6th at 12:24 AM[Edit]
"Everybody else has, generally speaking, copied somebody else's principal - mainly ours - and adapted it to the car they had in pre-season," added Newey.
Adding a headmaster to the rear wing does increase downforce.

Seen by Lee on Thursday June 30th at 12:40 PM[Edit]
A monitoring trustee will be appointed to make sure News Corp applies with its undertakings on Sky News
I'm sure the applicant will always be compliant.

Seen by Jon on Thursday June 9th at 1:51 AM[Edit]
Former Italian militant Cesare Battisti has been released from prison in Brazil, after the Supreme rejected Italy's extradition bid.
Was Diana Ross also asked?

Seen by Jon on Tuesday April 26th at 3:29 AM[Edit]
France and Italy meet on migrants
I realise they're trying to take a hard line, but is using the poor people as foot stools really the thing?

Seen by Jon on Friday January 7th at 4:56 AM[Edit]
Hamas has said it holds the Palestinian Authority and the Israel responsible
I also hold the Israel responsible

Seen by Lee on Thursday August 5th at 3:08 AM[Edit]
Attempted break-ins at RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire - sometimes referred to as Britain's "Area 51" - the US's secretive desert military base.
Always nice to read of that arid and barren wasteland, the US territory of Wiltshire.

Seen by Jon on Monday July 26th at 2:33 PM[Edit]
According to Li Tongyu, general manager of the marketing department at the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), engineers are currently studying a rocket engine with the thrust of 600 tonnes, burning highly potent liquid oxygen and liquid oxygen propellant.
I'll grant that liquid oxygen is pretty potent stuff, but I somehow can't see this plan working out.

Seen by Jon on Tuesday July 20th at 4:17 AM[Edit]
The ash cloud grounded 10,000 Ryanair planes and knocked 50m euros from its profits
Ryanair does not own 10,000 planes.

Seen by Jon on Thursday June 10th at 3:56 AM[Edit]
The 19-year-old has been waited since last August to hear results of gender tests carried out at the request of the sport's governing body.
BBC copy editor has been sleeped.